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The side-on approach to golf was established to create torque. In order to strike a ball with velocity, torque is the necessary means of force. But putting differs from every other shot in golf. In putting there is no need to create torque. Torque is used for power, and putting has no use for power.

Order Your Face on Putting Club TODAY! Why not look at a different approach for putting? Putting has to do with accuracy.

The Face on Putter introduced the idea of eliminating excess movement in the stroke, thus producing a pure pendulum stroke. I encourage you to watch the video about putting “face on”(side saddle).

The Face on Putter (side saddle putter) conforms with the USGA rules. We will provide you with a copy of the letter from the USGA.

Give it a try–we give you a thirty-day money back guarantee.

You’re one of those people who, when you see putters for sale, simply have to try out one or two or ten. When there’s a putter review in your favorite golf magazine, you make your own notes on the page. You’re always ready for a putting lesson. So, here’s one. You think you know how to putt, but how often have you experienced the dreaded three-putt? The first putt is a long one and you’re not expecting to hole the ball, but only get it close to the hole, which you do – it’s a three-footer. Then you miss it. There’s only inches left and you make it – barely. Or, your approach to the green gets you within that three-foot ring around the hole, but you take two strokes to hole the putt.

In your friendly games, you’re hoping your playing partner says it’s a “GIMME” when the ball’s still a foot or two from the hole, but you can’t hope for that in a tournament.

You tend to swing your putter the same way you swing the other clubs, don’t you? It’s a matter of muscle memory. You’ve been using those muscles all over the course, from the tee on up the fairway to the green, so it’s no surprise that you swing the putter the same way you swing your driver or your fairway iron. Think about the golf swing you need on the green: it has to be smooth and straight, and you don’t need all that energy in the power swing that makes the ball sail. Face putting is the answer.

Here’s an experiment: stand on a green facing the flag and toss a golf ball at the hole. Did you toss the ball underhanded? It felt natural, and you can make that same natural movement with your putting stoke when you try Face On Putting. The idea is to create a pure swing of the club like a pendulum, with accuracy as the first result and distance as the next. Face On Putting eliminates excess movement of the body and the arms during the putting stroke. Watch the video and read the page focused on putter review. You’ll see putters for sale in venues all over the world; but first explore this website for all the details on face putting and how to putt using the face putting techniques. If you’re wondering if Face On Putting conforms with the rules of the USGA, we’ll be happy to send you a copy of a letter from the USGA affirming the legality of the face on GP putter.

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