Face On Putting

Basic setup

Basic setup for the GP putter

Face-On-Putting is a VERY SIMPLE and NATURAL technique. It’s simple in that it requires far fewer moving parts than a tradition golfing movement. Also, when Face-on-Putting, the Club Face stays pointed down the target line throughout the entire putt. That’s FAR simpler than the “open door / closed door” technique that’s used in traditional putting. Furthermore, it’s VERY easy to swing the putter “straight back and straight through” with the GP putter.


The fastest and easiest way to reduce your golf score is to improve your putting.

You can shave more strokes off each round through good putting than if you learned to drive the ball 300 yards down the middle of the fairway like the pro’s do. Of course you will still want to continue to improve the other parts of your game in addition to your putting.

Let’s face it: The pro’s who know how to putt are the ones who win the TOP money. A pro will spend a large percentage of his practice time on the putting green and around the putting green — NOT the driving range! (But for most golfers, it’s the other way around.)

Make putting the best and most enjoyable part of your game. All you need is to practice a little bit and you will see the big improvement in your game.





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